About Us

Born and raised at 55th and Tracy in Kansas City, MO, my first job was at Hardee’s, where I worked for four years until my first semester of college. My college life was very active in which I pledged Zeta Phi Beta at only 19-years old. After completing my undergraduate program, I received a degree in Marketing from Central Missouri State University.

Despite being highly involved on campus, I was a homebody growing up. I was always an avid reader, planner, and dreamer. One of those dreams was to, in some way, empower women while giving back to my beautiful city. I have always had unconditional love for my community.

What I did not know was my passion for giving back to Kansas City and, my interest in graphic tees and shirts with slogans would transition into me creating an entire line of my own.

One day I saw a woman with a shirt that said, “Just a kid from Chicago” and wondered where she got it. I searched online and found that Nike was selling them for all major cities except Kansas City. That inspired me to start my line of Kansas City-themed merchandise. In 2017, I enlisted the help of my friend, Marcus, who is a graphic designer. He generously designed my first tee as a gift for my birthday – and the rest is history!